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ICS-ST series mining electronic belt scale (for underground coal mining)

  • FOB Price: 2800.00-6500.00 USD / set
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Supply Capability: 100 set / month
  • Port: Shanghai, Ningbo
  • Delivery: Within 30 days
  • Packaging: According to customers' requirements

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  • ICS-ST series mining electronic belt scale (for underground coal mining)
  • ICS-ST series mining electronic belt scale (for underground coal mining)
  • ICS-ST series mining electronic belt scale (for underground coal mining)


ICS-ST intrinsic safety type mining electronic belt scale body

●Adopt imported intrinsic safety type high precision weighing sensor with whole seal and stainless steel material, completely applicable for bad environments such as high gas, high powder and humidity etc. for underground mining. 

Adopt multi-roller bearing frame such as  double-roller, four-roller etc., have the function of dampproof, seismic performance, automatic tracking, revision of  belt deviation etc.  

The imported weighing sensor has high sensitivity, stable property, and the precision is better than 0.1%.


S-ST-F digital display extension of mining electronic belt scale 
●It consists of intrinsic safety 1960 mainboard, digital display, A/D, D/A, remote communication and other modules, and the power is supplied by explosive-proof and intrinsic safety power source.

For underground, it can locally conduct digital display of 25 parameters such as signal, speed, flow, output in one shift, cumulant etc., the data will be permanently kept and will not lost in power failure. 

When the communication is off line, it can automatically form measuring system for independent working, save the output data in 3 months, when the line is open, the data will be automatically uploaded and will not lost.

Through RS485/RJ45 converter (the IP address can be set up), it can connect into industrial Ethernet switch for stepping into the  Ethernet and LAN of  Mining Bureau. 


 Integration solutions of the measuring system
●Adopt advanced remote communication mode, with the distance up to 20KM. 

●On the underground digital display extension and the upper industrial host, there are three modes to permanently save the output data. 

●The double direction communication of underground digital display extention and upper industrial host can conduct system debugging and calibration on and under the well. 

●The upper computer can be networking with LAN of the mine and the mining bureau for the measurement data sharing.