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HDS-TDG series constant feeding weigher

  • FOB Price: 2000.00-6000.00 USD / set
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Supply Capability: 100 set / month
  • Port: Shanghai, Ningbo
  • Delivery: Within 30 days
  • Packaging: According to customers' requirements

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  • HDS-TDG series constant feeding weigher
  • HDS-TDG series constant feeding weigher
  • HDS-TDG series constant feeding weigher
  • HDS-TDG series constant feeding weigher



HDS-TDG series constant feeder is manufactured with Germany Schenck technology by our company with features of high precision and reliable properties that can convey bulk materials. Solid  design ensures that it can be specially used under bad conditions. As for detailed  working conditions, it adopts correspondent structure and excellent standard to solve the most difficult problems during the feeding, and can be widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, ceramics, food, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and other industries. 



Main product characteristics 

◇ Unique anti-meandering technique can make sure the good operation of the belt;  

◇ According to the process requirements, it can adjust feeding thickness and running speed of the belt;  

◇ Unique anti-spillage technique;  

◇ High precision weighing system, non-movement friction, least maintenance; 

◇ The weighing sensor adopts double-layer sealing that has good moistureproof, antiseptic property and working stability for a long time; 

◇ Digital pulser ensures the accurate and reliable speed signal;  

◇ The device has functions of automatic zero set and adjustable interval,and automatic fault diagnosis etc.

◇ Unique electrical automatic or hanging weight calibration functions;  

◇ Circular skirt rubber conveyor belt, other kinds can be selected according to different applications; 


Main features

1. Stable box frame structure and stricker plate, nice appearance, can effectively prevent materials scattering, can adapt to bad working conditions.

2. The rounded trapezoid new hopper is designed with Japanese technology that can effectively reduce the damage of putty and block material to the belt, ensuring the smooth operation of the material with small resistance and stable belt tension, long service life and is better than other similar products in domestic. 

3. Unique receptor end socket and heel block and without removing off the cylinder and roller it can conveniently dismount the belt, saving time and effort, much better than other similar products in domestic.  

4. Drum-type rubber coated roller with bigger diameter that will have large transmission friction without skid, small stress, stable tension, long service life, better than other similar products in domestic.  

5. New gravity tension and automatic deviation structure can make sure the constant belt tension, running without deviation, and convenient to adjust.  

6. The plough sweeper is designed with Schenck technology that can timely and automatically eliminate the blanking and clutter in the belt to avoid damage to the belt. 

7. Use high efficient gear motor and frequency converter (imported original converter) for shaft that can be used under bad environment, stable and reliable system, convenient installation, good working property, and the speed adjustable range is up to 20:1.

8. Use high precision weighing sensor and frequency digital testing system to make sure the high precision weighing testing and high reliability. 

9. Powder constant feeding weigher is equipped with a chute that has unique sealing structure, configured with new sealing gate with Germany technology and sealed pre-feeder to make sure the stable and balance material flow without punching,spilling materials and dust pollution.    


Technical indicators

◇The max. feeding capacity: Generally it is 0.4 – 200t/h, the maximum is 1000t/h.

◇Speed adjusting range: 5:1 or 10:1

◇Measuring accuracy: 0.5%, Control accuracy: 1.0%

◇Working mode: The work way is continuous and instantaneous control.



Belt width

Feeding quantity

Sensor range

Motor specification



0.4-5.0 t/h


Y90L-4 0.75kw SDB50



5.0-40 t/h


Y90L-4 0.75kw SDB50



30-80 t/h


Y90L-4 0.75kw SDB50



50-120 t/h


Y90L-4 0.75kw SDB50



80-150 t/h


Y90L-4 1.1kw SDB65



100-200 t/h


Y90L-4 1.1kw SDB65

Meanwhile, according ro customers' requirements, we can customize belt constant feeder with center distance of 3000mm, 4500mm, 5000mm, 6000mm, 10000mm and other special length and skirt.