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HDS-ICS-14 electronic belt scale

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  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Supply Capability: 300 set / month
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  • HDS-ICS-14 electronic belt scale
  • HDS-ICS-14 electronic belt scale
  • HDS-ICS-14 electronic belt scale
  • HDS-ICS-14 electronic belt scale



HDS-ICS-14 electronic belt scale is the ideal equipment that can conduct successive measurement for bulk materials in the belt conveyor system. With the advantages of simple structure, precise measurement, stable usage, convenient operation and less maintenance, it is not only applicable for normal environment, but for acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion environment. It is mainly used in metallurgy electric power, coal, mining, ports, chemical, building materials and other industries. The dynamic accumulative error is better than ±0.25% that can provide best measurement property for business payments and metering assessment. 


Main Technical Parameter

◇Under normal load, the flow changes within 20 % to 100 %. And the dynamic accumulative error is better than ±0.25%; 

◇Proper belt width: 500 mm to 2400mm; 

◇The belt speed: 0 ~ 6m/s; 

◇The weighing range: 1 ~ 10000t/h; 

◇On average, the non-failure operation time is longer than 30000 hours; 

◇Working and installation conditions: The supply voltage: AC85~265V 50Hz;

The environment temperature: The temperature of mechnical is -20 °C ~ +50 °C; The tempearature of instrument is 0 °C ~ 40 °C.HDS - ICS - 14型电子皮带秤3.jpg

Structural features

◇ Full suspended multi-stand roller structure, supported without trunnion and movable parts, zero point stability. 

◇ Use rectangular steel tube as the weighing platform with good rididity and less maintenance, which effectively reduced the influence of belt's and blanking deviation to the system precision.  

◇ Adopt four imported weighing sensors with alloy steel or other steel materials, have measures of dust prevention and moisture-proof measures, good torque and  lateral resistance, high sensitivity, good stability, high measuring precision. The protection level is IP67, and the overall precision is C3 grade. 

◇ Velocity sensor is installed on the speed roller that is installed on the upper surface of the return belt that can eliminate the influence caused by the belt slipping. The speed measurement sensor is a digital pulser without carbon brush and is protected by the steel shell that can make sure stable and reliable operation for a long time. 

◇ The device has functions of automatic zero set and adjustable interval, report query, regular query and data-hold when powering off. 

The device has functions of hanging weight, chain code and object calibration, which can reduce the calibration to keep the workload. 

The device has 4-20mA flow, 4-20mA PID control signal, ton pulse, switching value, RS485, Ethernet communication interface etc.