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HDS-EN continuous nuclear level gauge

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  • Supply Capability: 300 set / month
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  • HDS-EN continuous nuclear level gauge
  • HDS-EN continuous nuclear level gauge



HDS-EN continuous nuclear level gauge measures the material level through energy decrement, mainly used for measuring the level height in various reactors, containers, liquids and bulk materials in the coal bunker, irrelevant to the physical and chemical property of the detected materials in the containers, especially applicable for environments of high pressure, highly corrosive, high viscosity, skinning, high temperature and high dust

Main technical parameters

◇ Measuring range: 0-10m; if using multithreading, the equipment could measure the change of material level at the range of tens meters.

◇ The measuring precision of material level: ≤±3.0% full scale.

◇ Explosion-proof grade: Exd[ia]ⅡCT6 Gb   Level of protection: IP65

◇ Radioactive source: Adopts Cs137 or Co60, the activity range is 10-8000mCi, and the size is in accordance with the site conditions

◇ γ source is shielded by the special-made safety can that passed the site detection by the sanitation and environment department,comply with the relevant state safety standards, will not be harmful to human. Please feel free!

Site installation diagram of the technique of nuclear level gauge and liquid level meter

HDS-EN系列连续性核液位计1 (2).jpg