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HDS-DN series nuclear density meter (concentration meter)

  • FOB Price: 2000.00-6000.00 USD / set
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Supply Capability: 100 set / month
  • Port: Shanghai, Ningbo
  • Delivery: Within 30 days
  • Packaging: According to customers' requirements

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  • HDS-DN series nuclear density meter (concentration meter)
  • HDS-DN series nuclear density meter (concentration meter)
  • HDS-DN series nuclear density meter (concentration meter)
  • HDS-DN series nuclear density meter (concentration meter)



Adopt γ-ray transmission principle to measure the density or concentration changes of the liquids in the sealed tanks, slot and pipes through non-contact online testing, can be widely used in pharmaceutical, oil production, oil refining, chemical, coal, metallurgy, water conservancy, food and other industrial sectors. 


Main technical indicators 

 ◇ Measuring range of density:0.3~3.0g/cc

 ◇ Measuring precision of density:Max. measuring change is ±0.0002g/cc (subject to the site application)

 ◇ Measuring precision of concentration:±0.2%~1% (subject to the site application) 

 ◇ Stability: the drift of the radiation change in 1 month is less than ±0.05%, running guaranteed.

 ◇ Radioactive source:  Use Cs137 or Co-60, strong source is 1mCi~8Ci, attached with a computer for attenuation as for the automatic compensation. 

 ◇ Explosure-proof grade: Exd[ia]ⅡCT6 Gb    Level of protection: IP65

Main features:

 ◇ The host can spontaneously display the value changes of instant density and concentration, and display the change through liquid lattice image. 

 ◇ Multi-function: The device can spontaneously measure the density, concentration, instant quality flow and accumulative dry ore, and has the function of data storage, during the measurement, it can call out in any time and show the needed technique parameter.  

 ◇ Used for mass flow meter: operate with the flow meter to collect instant flow signal into the device, can measure the density, concentration, dry ore of all fluid, semifluid and mixture, can spontaneously show the instant quality flow and cumulant, meanwhile provide the statements with the data.