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hanging code calibration device

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  • hanging code calibration device
  • hanging code calibration device


HDS-GM Hanging Code Calibration Device



HDS-GM hanging code calibration device is a simple and practical simulation load test device that is used for static testing and dynamic simulation design of material flow, and is an equipment for inspection of the electronic belt scale installed on the belt conveyor. It can be widely applied in electric power, metallurgy, docks, building materials, coal and other industries that use electronic belt scale to measure bulk materials. 

Main features

The hanging code is installed under the belt and in the special part of the weighing bridge, which can conduct 40% and 80% simulation load for convenient and fast calibration with high automation degree, accuracy and reliability; 

◇ It can select mannual hanging code calibration; the lift of automatic hanging code calibration is automatically operated by the electronic control system; 

◇ High precision in calibration (the static is better than 0.05%, the dynamic is better than 0.3%), and the hanging code precision is M11 grade; 

◇ The weight of hanging code is 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg……400kg 

                                             HDS-LM Chain Code Calibration Device



HDS-LM belt manual chain code calibration device is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemicals, docks, building materials, coal and other industries that use electronic belt scale to measure bulk materials, and it can conduct automatic calibration to the precision of electronic belt scale with the grade of 0.5~2.0.   

System structure and features

◇ The device consists of ball,chain piece, inner and outside connection plate and hanging ring etc.;  

 High calibration precision (the static is 0.03%, the dynamic is 0.1%);

◇ It has simpler structure than material calibration with low cost and higher precision; 

◇ Reasonable and uniform structure, convenient operation; 

◇ The materials of chain code are carbon and stainless steel with the specification from 5kg, 10kg to 150kg, and can meet requirements of belt scale with various flow.


Calibration diagram of on-site installation of chain code